IT’S TIME…for a missional past, present, and future

As a family of faith, preparing to journey together towards a deeper faithfulness, I hope we can begin to place some very significant markers along our path.

First, with our worship, let us celebrate the faithfulness of days gone by.  Your personal testimonies of missional faithfulness provide us with inspiration for the present and future.  We want to hear stories from your journeys.

Second, with our actions, let us engage in active, hands-on mission.  Mission faithfulness demands that we actively serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.  During September and October, we want to begin telling new stories from our collective journey.

Finally, with our hope and the expectation that God is doing something new, let us vision new and relevant ways to be the church on mission.  Let us enter this sacred conversation about missional faithfulness with the desire for God to use us in fresh ways that have a significant impact on Madison Heights, Amherst County, and beyond.  We want to be a part of God writing brand new stories.

IT’S TIME begins Sunday, September 11 and continues through Sunday, October 30, but those eight weeks are only the beginning of our journey.  It is a journey that I am excited to be on with you.  God Bless you.

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