IT’S TIME…to See What’s Coming Up at Madison Heights Baptist Church

September 11   An Urgent Call to Christian Mission

September 18   It’s Time…For Spiritual Formation

September 25   It’s Time…To Pray

October 2            It’s Time…For Churches to Discover and Fulfill Their God-Given Mission

October 9            It’s Time…To Have a Passion for The Great Commission of Jesus Christ

October 16          It’s Time…To Do Justice and Mercy

October 23          It’s Time…To Rediscover the Baptist Heritage and to Renew the Baptist Witness

October 30          It’s Time…For Hope

Not only will these themes give us a framework for worship and Bible study during September and October, but also prompt our continuing journey in the months that follow.  Imagine spiritual formation and giftedness inspiring our calling to be on mission.  Picture members of our church family undergirding our missional journey with continual and committed prayer.  Consider that a deeper understanding of our Baptist roots affects our missional vision in profound ways.   All of this and more will part of our journey together.  God bless you.

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