IT’S TIME…to celebrate your stories of missional faithfulness

As I listened to Rev. Dr. Tom Stocks (Field Stategist with BGAV and former pastor of Rosiland Hills Baptist in Roanoke, VA) talk about his experience with IT’S TIME while serving Rosiland Hills Baptist, I hoped to learn from their story.  I heard stories of individual and congregational faithfulness.  It was inspiring, and I hope during our journey you will have the opportunity to hear Tom share some of those stories.  I also heard one regret.  Take to heart Tom’s words below.

The “It’s Time” journey for our church family supplied us with multiple “kingdom moments.” We enjoyed numerous stories of success for our church members, small groups and the church at large who experienced “being the presence of Christ” in a new and exciting way. One of the things we failed to do along the way was to highlight and celebrate these stories. Missional faithfulness was breaking out all around us and if we had it to do over again I would be intentional about “capturing” and celebrating those stories in a variety of ways (pulpit testimonies, newsletter, Wednesday night fellowship times, web site, blogging, etc.).

As we begin our missional journey, one hope of mine is that we will be very intentional about celebrating what the Kingdom work God has already done through you, and set a precedent for celebrating missional faithfulness in the future.  Either in spoken, written, or electronic form, Madison Heights Baptist needs to hear your story of missional faithfulness.  Do you have a significant mission story that has truly affected you?  Please share and let us celebrate with you.  As you share your story, your story in way becomes part of ours and encourages us to create new stories to celebrate.  If you have a story you are willing to share, let me know, and let us celebrate the God who calls all of us to mission faithfulness.

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