Palms of Celebration

It’s been almost a year since I lasted posted a blog. So, I think maybe it’s time for another. Just some thoughts that offer what how I’m thinking each Ash Wednesday and Lenten season. It’s nothing new. I wrote this poem in ’09 (I think). “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Palms of celebration

Become ashes on my head.

They call it an imposition,

But my cross doesn’t make me bleed.

What imposition is a cross on my head.

You had yours slammed on your back.

I’ll carry my cross,

But I get to go home tonight.

No whips, no spears, just a soft warm bed.

My wilderness is easy.

But you went out alone

You stepped into wilderness the moment you left Mary’s womb.

You left heaven for earth,

You left Him for us.

Then I came along

I gave up Starbucks,

And felt like I had done something.

You gave up blood and breath and life.

No, this cross in no imposition.

The imposition is a poor sinner,

One just like me.

Who needs Wednesday’s ashes,

Again and again, year after year.

So I’ll wear my ashes

Humble as I can

From Ashes I came

To ashes I’ll return

A repenting, believing sinner,

Palms of celebration

Become ashes on my head.

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