Join me in learning about Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

I could use some help in my Doctor of Ministry studies. I am certain I will need a lot of help, but right now I have a specific request. This semester, I am studying spiritual formation and discipleship from a Biblical perspective and from a practical standpoint in the local church. I invite your input on what I am learning.

I will use this blog to share what I am learning from two different kinds of exercises. First, I will post reflections from some Gospel passages, specifically Jesus’ interaction with his twelve closest disciples. I will post about the following passages:
Matthew 8:23-27; 10; 15:32-38
Mark 6:7-13, 30-44
Luke 6:12-45; 9:1-6, 10-36

Second, I will interview three practitioners actively involved in spiritual formation and discipleship ministries. I will interview the following people:
Steve Booth, Associate Pastor in the area of formation at First Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia
Gary Chapman, Executive Director of the Christian Leaders Link
Laura McDaniel, Executive Director of the Women’s Missionary Union of Virginia

As I blog about these passages and interviews, please comment, question, and critique. Much of my Doctor of Ministry project will focus on the formation and discipleship of missional leaders within the local church. So, your feedback will be invaluable.

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1 Response to Join me in learning about Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

  1. Adam says:

    Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

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