IT’S TIME: What’s Next?

Fall 2011 offered our church the opportunity to consider our own missional calling. In order to make the most of our IT’S TIME experience, we must keep the conversation going.

Here are the successes I see occurring so far:

  • The creation of the Missions Opportunities Committee establishes a group to vision, develop, and promote missional church opportunities.
  • Backpack Buddies represents the inception and continuation of a new missional ministry for children in our community.
  • Monthly glimpses during worship of the missional ministries of our church continue to inform and encourage our congregation’s missional journey. These testimonies have resulted in more people expressing interest in participating in the ministries.
  • Our youth are preparing to serve as missionaries the last weekend of March in Waynesboro, VA as a part Mission Madness Weekend.
  • Overall, we are experiencing people finding their niches in mission and more intergenerational missional involvement.

We have not arrived however.  This is a journey.  What is next on this journey? Here are some expressed hopes for our missional journey:

  • Greater involvement in Faith Community Nursing as way of ministering to the whole person.
  • Tutoring and mentoring ministries for children in our community.
  • Continuing to see our neighborhood as the mission field.
  • Facilitating other individuals and churches as they come to our community to minister and serve.

Where will we be on our journey next year? Truthfully, only God knows, but faithfulness requires we continue hoping, dreaming, and traveling together as the called people of God. I am blessed to journey with you.

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