IT’S TIME…to Have a Passion for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ

The title of this post is our theme for this upcoming Sunday.  Passion for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ is indicative of a missional church.  On Wednesday evenings, we have been reading about the passionate people found in The Acts of the Apostles.  The transformative Gospel they had experienced fueled their passion for sharing the Gospel.  Jesus also said “go” so they went.  They were convinced others needed to experience the Gospel.

Last night I saw passion on display.  I went with some of our WMU ladies to Lynchburg’s juvenile detention center.  Even as we walked from vehicles to the building, their excitement was evident.  These wonderful missionaries passionately fed and talked with the young people at the detention center.  They shared encouragement and attentive ears.  They were literally the presence of Christ.

When we consider mission opportunities, ministry to incarcerated young people, is not on the top of everyone’s list.  But for this group from Madison Heights Baptist, each passionately embraced the opportunity to be sheep instead of goats.  For me, their passion was contagious, as passion often is.  I just want to know when we can again.

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