IT’S TIME: A Journey Toward Missional Faithfulness

“Each church is called, gifted and indwelt by the Spirit to continue God’s redemptive mission in the world. Therefore, nothing is more crucial and critical than for each church to discover and discern how it will be a continuing incarnation of Christ in its setting.” Dr. Daniel Vestal, Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Missional is a new word. According to spell check on your computer, it may not be a word at all. Missional is not a new idea however. It is a perspective and vision that has been around since the apostles began the first house churches that we read about in the New Testament.
To be a Missional church is to faithfully and actively embrace the belief that the church can be the hands and feet of Christ, a community of believers who are devoted to being a reflection of Jesus.
Listening to missionaries share about their experiences is wonderful, but it is not by itself, missional. Doing mission projects is what we should do, but an occasional project for the needy does not mean we are missional. Collecting mission offerings to support our missionaries here and abroad is important and vitally necessary, but those offerings do not make us a missional church. If these mission engagements only scratch an itch that will go away or absolve us of a little mission guilt for a brief time, then we will not really be changed by it.
If these and other ways of being involved in the larger kingdom work of God are images that begin to create a larger mosaic of the transforming power of God and God’s people, then we are starting to understand. If our mission involvement, prayer life, and discipleship begin to change the way we view the world God has called us to, then perhaps we have begun the journey.
Our missional journey begins on Sunday, September 11, and I am looking forward to traveling with my Madison Heights family.

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